Calgary August 1999

Dear Reader,

We hope that you will find "Escaping Hell" by Kon Piekarski very interesting and that the book will help you to better understand the tragedy and reality of concentration camps during the Second World War - especially the one in Auschwitz where millions of people: Jews, Poles, Russians, Gypsies and other nationalities were exterminated by Nazi Germany. The enclosed photocopies of documents are based on information sent  by Kon Piekarski from Auschwitz to the Headquarters of the Polish Home Army in Warsaw and then conveyed by it to London. The Allies and the world knew in the very early stages of WWII of the atrocities taking place in the heart of Europe; the dates of the documents are July 10th, 1943 (p. 1&2) and August 12th, 1943 (p. 3, 4&5).

Kon Piekarski was a Pole and a soldier. He was wounded during the German invasion of Poland in September 1939; then his division was captured by the Soviet Red Army which invaded Poland on the 17th of September, 1939 but he was able to escape and immediately join the Polish Resistance Organization. He was arrested by Gestapo, tortured and sent to Auschwitz in September 1940. Kon Piekarski witnessed the martyrdom and heroic death of Saint Maximilian Kolbe. In the concentration camp Piekarski joined the underground resistance organization (AK - Home Army) headed by legendary cavalry captain - Witold Pilecki - and led one of his groups. Witold Pilecki, war time hero and great patriot, was sentenced to death by the Soviet-Communist Government in Poland and on the 25th of May, 1948 was murdered at the Mokotów prison.

Piekarski was able not only to survive the hell of Nazi camps but also to save the most precious treasure - humanity. Shortly before the war ended, Piekarski escaped from the concentration camp in Germany and fled to England, where he finished London University and received Dipl.Ing. in Metallurgy&Mechanical Engineering. After immigrating to Canada in 1951, he worked and taught at the Waterloo University , Ontario, for over 30 years. In 1968 he also obtained his Ph.D. from Cambridge University, England.

Towards the end of his life, encouraged by his friends and war-time companions, he wrote the memoirs of those tragic years. He started work on the Polish translation of this book and planned to publish excerpts of "Escaping Hell" in Polish magazines. But he was not able to accomplish this. After an active and committed life he succumbed to a serious heart disease and died in London, Ontario, on the 6th of December, 1990.

After purchasing the entire edition of his book from the publisher, we are now promoting "Escaping Hell" by sending hundreds of copies to the Auschwitz Museum as well as libraries, schools, universities and other organizations all over the world. The book is of now beeing translated into Polish and it will be soon available on the Internet and probably published in Poland.

The Konstanty Piekarski Memorial Foundation has been established to continue our mission and to preserve the truth about Nazi German concentration camps during the Second World War. This is especially important now, in light of so much controversy over Auschwitz and other places of genocide.

Konstanty Piekarski Memorial Foundation
Małgorzata & Bonifacy Pulwicki


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